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Image by Michael Browning


Morland was founded on May 31, 1959 by three partners: Kris Vonrumor, Werner Koeppf, and Jose A. Santana. The last of the three was in charge of Morland of P.R., Inc. in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 


Before 1959, the partners operated under a different company name and sold domestic kitchen appliances. When Morland was incorporated, the partners then decided to sell commercial equipment. This is when Morland first acquired commercial refrigeration brands.

Morland was part of a Corporation called Morland Trading Corp., located in Wall Street, New York City. This office operated as a purchasing agent for Morland of P.R., Inc. Later on, Morland of P.R., Inc. became independent from the offices in New York.


Nowadays, Morland distributes a wide array of equipment brands for the food industry. Some of them are, but not limited to: Mainstreet Menu Systems, Beverage-Air®, BKI, Hoshizaki America, Master-Bilt Products, Castle, Royal and Roundup


In 1977, José A. Santana’s son, Carlos A. Santana, joined the company and worked in every position available until he became vice president.  When "Joe" retired, he made his son, Carlos, the president in his place.


Today, Morland is a family-owned business with 10 employees:

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